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UYSL Travel Program Overview

Tryouts/Placement Assessments happen after the spring season.

Uniform Information:

  • Uniforms can be purchased/ordered by the players at ThinkLocal Printing, 21 Rivulet Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569 (508-779-0948). 
  • Uniform numbers will be assigned to new players. 
  • Existing players re-ordering uniforms will be asked to provide their current uniform number.

Spring 2017 Key Season Dates

  • The following Key Dates are provided to UYSL by the league for the Travel Program
  • Week of March 6 - Coaches introduction email to teams
  • Weeks of March 13- March 20 - Practices begin (based upon field conditions)
  • Saturday April 1 – Travel Soccer Begins (per MAYS website
  • Monday June 12, 2017 – Spring Soccer Ends (per MAYS website)

Fall Field Locations by Age 

Grade 3 & 4 (U10) - Sutton St
Grade 5 & 6 (U12) - Lower McCloskey Middle School
Grade 7 & 8 (U14) - Upper McCloskey Middle School (games only), Sutton St. (Practices)

Spring Field Locations by Age

Grade 3 & 4 (U10) - Lower McCloskey Middle School
Grade 5 & 6 (U12) - Sutton St
Grade 7 & 8 (U14) - Sutton St

How are travel teams formed?

Effective with the Fall 2016 season, per MAYS, travel teams are grouped in 2 year age bands by school grade.

UYSL operates under an ability based philosophy and strives to group players of like ability with one another.  There are a number of factors that determine the make-up of our travel teams, with the total number of registered players being a significant determining factor. 

The factors UYSL considers when developing teams is as follows:

1.       Prior season’s coaching player evaluation – at the conclusion of each season, our coaches are asked to evaluate the players on their roster.  Their evaluation is based upon 8-10 weeks of coaching observations.  Coaches are asked to score players relative to the rest of the players on their roster and the teams they faced during the season

2.       Fall teams – Our Spring player assessments are considered when developing our Fall teams to a larger extend and can also be reviewed for the following Spring as needed

3.       Maximum/Minimum roster sizes

4.       Balancing teams – per UYSL bylaw, when two or more teams are to be placed in the same playing division and age group, teams will be developed to be balanced, meaning the teams are believed to be of equal strength

5.       Teams are placed in the competitive division that is appropriate for the players on the team.  When in doubt, UYSL will strive to place teams play in more competitive divisions rather than lower, per MAYS guidance.  Prior season records will influence this decision for both UYSL and MAYS

The following factors are NOT considered when developing teams:

1.       Coaches – UYSL develops teams first, per the considerations outlined above, then assigns coaches based upon the available coaches on that given roster.  Coaches do not influence the make-up of our teams

2.       Keeping friends & neighbors on the same team – unfortunately, due to the many complexities involved in developing our teams, we are unable to accept additional requests in the formation of our teams

U8 Playing Up Policy

 As an organization, UYSL’s primary approach to creating competitive teams will place players of like age within the same age level and in accordance with MassYouthSoccer guidelines.  We do recognize that there are times when, as an exception, it may be appropriate younger players to “play up” with a team at a higher age level.  To “play up”, the following criteria must be met:

 Team Need:

a.    Insufficient players are available at the registered team’s age level to field the required players and appropriate substitutes

b.    In the case of “team need”, a UYSL board member will identify a player to play up with the following criteria:

·         Moving a player up will not create a situation that requires a second player to play up at the lower team’s age level

·         The highest ranked lower age level player will be requested first

·         Written parent approval is required before a player can be placed on a higher age level team

·         If the highest ranked player’s parents decline, the next highest ranked player will be engaged and so on.


 Exceptional Player Ability:

A parent may wish to request that a player be permitted to play up.  The following must occur:

a.    Parent of the exceptional player must contact the UYSL board at and formally request the player be moved up an age level in the next playing season.  Prior to engaging UYSL, the request must be approved by:

  • U8 Academy Coach
  • Bob Clark - Director of In town Player Development

b.    Prior to an approval to play up, the player will be required to participate in an objective player evaluation.  The player evaluation will occur as follows:

·         Player participates in the Spring league assessments, but is assessed with the age level requested for the Fall season


·         The player will be invited to attend the practice of a team at the age level the player is requesting to play in.  A board member will coordinate the evaluation will be attended by one or more board members

c.    The move of the player must be deemed, by the UYSL board, to be in the best interest of the player, the team and UYSL


a.     No more than two U9/U10 teams of each gender may have U8 players on any rosters; and

b.    Small town/club soccer programs need additional players to have a viable U9/U10 team so it places strong U8 players on a U9/U10 team roster; and

c.     No U9/U10 player is denied a roster spot in favor of a U8 player; and

d.  U8 players comprise less than 40% of any single team’s roster

e.  Players playing up must achieve placement on an A or B division team; players will not be allowed to play up on a C division team

f.  This policy does not apply to divisional placement.  Divisional placement of a player or team is left to the sole discretion of the UYSL board

g. Players at the U10 level and above will only approved to play up based upon team need


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