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Jun, 2013

Advanced Travel Team Soccer Camp in Less Than 4 Weeks

Now that school has finally closed for the summer, there is still time to sign your children up for the British Soccer Camp.

The camp is being run by the premier soccer camp organization, Challenger Sports, where they provide professional coaches to run the activities and ensure a fun and safe environment for all participating kids. There are half-day and full-day options still available but paces are limited so register now!

Click on the link below to register!
Uxbridge Youth Soccer/ Challenger Advanced Travel Player Camp : Monday, August 19th - Friday, August 23rd

Host A Coach
​With the Challenger British Soccer camp at Uxbridge Youth Soccer fast approaching and excitement building, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the most exciting/unique aspect of our camp program. Hosting a Challenger Trainer is a huge part of why Challenger is so successful and it’s also a HUGE reason so many coaches return to their respective region. Challenger provides an amazing opportunity for a lot of young British coaches to travel state-to-state, town-to-town and take in the American culture. This experience is a cultural enrichment for both parties and something that everybody enjoys.

Challenger Coach
All of our coaches come from different parts of the UK (and Brazil if you are doing a Tetra Camp) and have been well trained in the art of coaching Soccer. Typically, our coaches range from 18-25; most are University Students, studying something sports related I.e. Sports Science, Coaching, Sports Psychology and even PE Teaching. The rest of our coaches that don’t go to University, are typically working within the sports industry back home in the UK; some may even be playing, or have played, a high level of Soccer.

Host Family
A host family provides our trainer with a place to sleep (this could be a bed or couch), shower and the chance to do some laundry, which they will definitely need to do. As well as this, we ask our host families to provide trainers with breakfast, a packed lunch and a dinner. Other luxuries such as internet and TV are a bonus, but not expected. Some host families may feel they can take on more than one coach, WHICH IS AWESOME, but that depends on the space the family has available. Alongside the obvious benefits of hosting a coach, as a thank you, Challenger pays $80 (per coach) to every family that opens up their homes to one of our trainers; if you host two coaches you would then get $160, so on and so forth…

Before your trainer arrives you will be sent a profile of them, giving you a background into their experience, likes/dislikes, hobbies and interests – just so the guy/girl that does show up isn’t a complete stranger.

Typical Week of Camp
Our trainers usually work six hours a day, some work longer and some work less. When trainers are not coaching, they spend time at home with the family (if they are around). This could include hanging out in the yard, playing video games, going to the pool, movies, restaurants and maybe some sightseeing. On some of our bigger camps it has been known that host families communicate with each other and arrange a BBQ after camp or other forms of group activities. This is a great way for families in area to get to know each other and build on the strong sense of community a lot of towns have.

What Now?
If hosting a British Soccer trainer sounds like an experience your family would enjoy, then please let it be known. This is a very popular aspect of our program and there is still time to get yourself your very own British Trainer for the week. Please feel free to contact Lyndon Washington and he will be happy to talk more about the program and what is involved during the week.
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