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Board of Directors

Meet The "Board"

We are here to provide you and your family with the best youth soccer experience possible! We are proud to bring you a group of highly accomplished coaches and administrators. Read the bios below to learn more about your coach and other leaders in our community.


Brian Eason


Phone: 508-963-4566
Email: President@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2017

Bob Clark

Phone: 774-287-3977

Email: VicePresident@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2018

Cory Luther



Email: Treasurer@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2018

Brian Prince


Phone: 508-278-4525
Email: Secretary@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2017

Derek Conlin

Director of Player Personnel - Travel (Travel Registrar)

Phone: 781-706-3721
Email: TravelReg@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2018

Tim Kay

Director of Player Personnel - Town (In-Town Registrar)

Phone: 508-581-7053
Email: TownReg@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2018

Nicole Haker

Director of Travel Coaching

Phone: 508-278-9834
Email: Coaching@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2017

Bob Clark (Interim)

Director of In-Town Player Development

Phone: 774-287-3977
Email: player-dev@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2018

Bryan Kindl

Director of Equipment

Phone: 508-733-7566
Email: Equipment@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2018


Robert Harris

Director of Field Maintenance

Email: FieldMaint@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2015


Laura Nolan

Director of Sponsorship & Fundraising

Phone: 617-429-1022

Email: Sponsors@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2016

Dan Walton

Director of Scheduling

Phone: 508-735-6545
Email: Scheduler@UxbridgeYouthSoccer.com
Term Expires: Dec 2016

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